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Constable Patrol Service during Covid 19


From Captain
Hennessy, Captain, Precinct 1


I wanted to
reach out to all of our contracts and let you know, our patrol operations have
not been affected by the virus and/or restrictions so far.  Our deputies
are patrolling, answering calls and responding in a normal capacity.  As
of today, our staffing levels have not been effected.  We have equipped
our personnel with personal protective equipment to reduce any potential
exposure to the virus (additional gloves, masks, cleaners).  Our goal is
to keep our personnel healthy so we can continue to respond to calls and be
proactive in your neighborhoods.  So far, we have not seen an uptick in
any specific calls which is a very good thing considering the situation. 
  We are following CDC protocols and do not want your residents to be
alarmed when deputies respond to calls.  We will be practicing social
distancing when answering for calls for service.  Deputies have been
advised to maintain their distances while still performing their duties. 
Some officers may be wearing gloves, not because they are sick, but that
wearing gloves is recommended to reduce the urge for individuals to touch their


When calling in to dispatch for service, additional questions will be asked for
the protection of our personnel and the caller.   All calls requesting a deputy
for service
will be asked a series of coronavirus related questions.
  Questions may include:  have you recently traveled out of the
country; are you or other family members ill at this time; do you have anyone
in the household suffering from a persistent cough; anyone with a fever; has a
doctor requested you/anyone in your household be quarantined.  Your
residents need to expect those additional questions when calling dispatch. 
We ask that your callers be patient and understand this is for their protection
as well as our personnel.


Even though
this is a different type of emergency scenario, we will all get through
this.  We are social people and we are all of us out of our comfort
zone.  We encourage people to remain calm and follow the recommended
guidelines so we can get back to our norm.  As the situation changes
daily, our personnel stand ready.   Thanking all of you in advance
and know that we continue to be here 24/7.   

  Please consider joining our Constable Patrol.  It is the best deal in town!!!!  


For updates from
the City of Houston, please go to: houstontx.gov/emergency

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