Guide for Business-At-Home

Basically, regarding business-at-home, what activities are permissible and what are not permissible relate primarily to the appearance to the public. For example, it would be acceptable to:

  • Maintain business files and records in the home.
  • Make business related telephone calls from the home.
  • Create and send business correspondence from the home.
  • And receive business related faxes and emails at the home…so long as there is no external evidence or “publicizing” of this activity.

On the other hand, it is NOT acceptable to:

  • Receive business related deliveries and shipments at one’s home.
  • Have employees working out of one’s home.
  • Have employee, client, or customer traffic occur at one’s home.
  • Generate any business related trash at one’s home.
  • Ship business related products or materials form one’s home.
  • Or advertise or otherwise publicize one’s home address in such things as telephone directories (white or yellow pages), stationery, letterhead, business cards and Internet web-sites and postings.

For some, a solution might be to utilize a post office box as a business address in all references to contact location, and a separate telephone number other than your “residence” number as published in the white pages.

It is extremely important to the goals of BPHA, and the integrity of this great community that we choose to live in, that the residential status and deed restricted character of the neighborhood be maintained and protected. We hope the guidelines mentioned above are helpful in their intent and application, and along with your neighbors, we appreciate compliance from every resident.

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