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Building a New Home or Remodeling?

*** All Construction within Braeswood Place Must Be Pre-Approved***

2021 Requirements For Architectural Review Of Proposed Drawings For Deed Restriction Compliance

The construction plans you submit will be reviewed for deed restriction issues. You are responsible for ensuring that your plans comply with all applicable deed restrictions, with any restrictions followed by the City of Houston or with any regulatory authority that may govern the use of your property or placement of a home or structure on your property.

It is represented by you that you are relying upon your consultation with your architect, builder and/or attorney concerning the compliance of your plans with any restrictions governing the use of your property.

Deliver the survey and plans to the Braeswood Place HOA office.  The review and approval process may take from 2-3 weeks.

1st Approval Review

A.     Submit 3 sets of architectural plans including Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), Elevations – 11”x17” preferred.

B.     Submit a registered copy of a survey of the lot clearly showing all building setback lines.

C.     Provide name, title, address, and telephone number of the responsible individual to be notified when review is complete.

D.    Complete 2 forms– Construction Site Guidelines & Pledge of Maintenance and Owner/Builder Agreements.

E.     There is a fee to review new construction plans and renovation plans. Please make check payable to BPHA and deliver submit your plans for review. The fee helps cover the cost of hiring an inspector to make periodic checks for compliance during the building process.  

a.      $500 fee for new construction

b.      $250 fee for of renovation plans

2nd Approval Review

A.     Submit a registered copy of a form/slab survey prior to pouring the foundation.


Review Results and Approval Documents

A.     BPHA will notify the responsible individual by phone when the review is complete and documents are available for pickup.


B.     A signed andnotarized "Approval" document will be provided along with a "BPHAApproved" Yard Sign. Please make sure you post the sign on your jobsite, otherwise we will get calls from neighbors.

Braeswood Place Homeowners Association – 4010 Blue Bonnet Boulevard, Suite 112, Houston, TX 77025

Phone: 713-666-7248

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