Deed Restrictions

The original deed restrictions are provided as a courtesy to our neighbors.  There have been amendments filed over the years, so it is up to each neighbor to research any changes to their deed restrictions. Deed restrictions and amendments may be found at the Harris County Courthouse.

Deed restrictions protect all of the subdivisions in our BPHA area. While they vary in some details, all of them specify that the property be used only for single family residences. This provision prohibits the leasing of garage apartments originally built for servants or members of the family. It prohibits the operation of any kind of business from a residence.

 Guide for Business-At-Home 
 Deed Restrictions Disclaimer 
 Ayrshire Restrictions (15)
 Braes Heights Restrictions (14)
 Braes Manor Restrictions (2)
 Braes Oaks Restrictions (3)
 Braes Terrace Section 1 Restrictions (1)
 Emerald Forest Restrictions (1)
 Southern Oaks Restrictions (2)

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