Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito fogging is performed by professional exterminators from spring through fall. Persistent warm, humid weather generally signals the arrival of the mosquito season, normally from April to October. Fogging of the neighborhood as an aid in the control of the mosquito pest is a service provided to our residents by BPHA, dating back nearly as long as our homeowners association has existed.

Fogging is conducted in the evening hours, commonly on weekends, after breezes have essentially subsided. Each street in the homeowners association area is traveled at least once per application, with the spraying vehicle moving at about 10-15 miles per hour, dispensing a Federally approved insecticide at a labeled rate. Little visible fog is observed because the liquid medium is water, not heated diesel fuels as in earlier years.

Fogging helps control the adult mosquito, but does not affect the larval form. Mosquito larvae develop only in water or other very high moisture conditions. Incubation of the egg can be as brief as 16 to 24 hours, and the complete cycle from egg to adult can be as short as 7 to 10 days.

Therefore, in order to assure more effective mosquito control, it is important to eliminate any potential sources of standing water, or conditions around your premises, which foster a high moisture environment conducive to mosquito larval development.


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